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The Lead General

Taiwan has the highest density of temples in the world. Temples are also the core of Taiwan Folks Beliefs, serving as public worship for local communities. Moreover, temples also provide social function, in correlation with the cultures of local communities activities.

The Lead General play an extremely crucial role when it comes to the major events of the temples, and it is also a deity role played by human. Generally speaking, the role players are also its followers. It is considered mysterious as the role players are subject to a long-term actions training and many restrictions. Nonetheless, the Lead General players are often involved with some social problems, such as gangsters and unstable income in recent years. The number of the Lead General player groups are currently less than 10 in Greater Taipei Area.

The artist has observed the religious and spiritual activities and culture characteristics by visiting the temples in the community he had been raised, by participating in the events and by taking portraits as documentation.

With the a gaining number of choices for the young generations, the Taiwan Folks Beliefs are facing a more severe disruption and are forced to transform.
However, how would the inheritance of the religion, history and culture characteristic develop after the transformation? And how would we redefine the function and the correlation between The Folks beliefs and the modern communities?

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